Saturday, November 10, 2012


I have two boys who are both obsessive with their thoughts and actions.  Today I had the pleasure of my youngest continuously saying "Go ride camoose? Let's go!"  And this is asked over and over and over.  Sometimes he takes a breath between the same question, sometimes he changes it up by asking it just differently.  The boy is so obsessed with trains - he wants to buy them, play with them, watch them on YouTube, watch them on TV, ride one, etc.  In contrast, my oldest does all the same things except he's AFRAID of them and especially crossing railroad tracks.  It's kind of strange to me how I have two kids who like the same thing but it creates different reactions in them.

My oldest obsessively talked about Harry Potter.  He mainly just talked to himself about Harry Potter - this is a new quirk that has come about in recent months.  It's very concerning sometimes when he spends more time talking to himself then to us.  But I guess I can be grateful that he's talking.

I had a few moment today when both kids were loudly obsessing over each other and I thought I would lose my mind from it.  Sometimes the best part of the day is bedtime :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Do you worry about others perceptions?

Do you worry what others think of you?  The reason I'm asking this is I had the unfortunate situation where my son was a crazy goose the night of the family fun night, which was very frustrating to my husband and I and the next day he shows up at school with what looks like he was beaten pretty bad.  The parents who saw us the night before took a double take at my son and then gave me the stink eye.  After I picked him up from school, we stopped at the book fair and my little guy took off on me and tried to run out of the school (thankfully a parent stopped him from leaving the building).  I brought him back in and reminded him not to run from me and then he proceeded to run up and down the halls with me yelling/begging him to stop (hence my comment on the previous post that he didn't learn from his running and falling incident). Then to make matters worse later, we went to Walmart and my son through a gigantic screaming raging temper tantrum because he didn't get what he wanted.  There was nothing I could do to stop him from doing this so I ignored it.  I had people giving me the next level of stink eye and some guy was yelling "What the hell is going on?!"  I just kept walking out of the store.  He eventually calmed down half-way home and fell asleep.

It's so surreal to be going through this again - my oldest son who is autistic did the same things when he was that age.  If you go through this too please leave a comment.  I need a pick me up!

Here's a picture of my youngest with his poor face.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Man down!

My three year old was running in the parking lot at school this morning.  I called out to him to walk and to come back to me.  I started my 1-2-3 countdown but he wasn't listening. I jogged up to him and when I went to grab his coat sleeve, he tripped and smacked his head into the pavement.  Holy crap did I freak out!  There was a small cut on his forehead right above the eye and it was bleeding like mad.  I panicked and ran him back to the van, cradling him in my arms.  He looked pretty bad from the blood and scratches, but overall wasn't seriously injured.  I decided to take him him into the school to clean him up.  The principal thought at first he had written marker all over his face but quickly sprung into action when she realized what had happened.

I got him cleaned up, put a bandaid on his cut and asked him if he wanted to go to his class.  He said yes, so we headed into the hallway.  And guess what folks, this little boy started RUNNING to the classroom.  I guess he hasn't yet correlated running = falling and getting hurt.  The teacher gave him a hug and the social worker made sure he was okay too.

As I was leaving the school, I was worried that I made the wrong decision by having him stay.  But I also thought to myself this was natural consequences for running when he was told to walk (but having said that, I don't think he really learned anything).  He didn't seem to be unhappy about staying.  I'm sure the teacher will call me if there is any issues.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Family Fun Night

We went to a family fun night at my kids school. A woman was telling stories and singing songs for preschoolers.  My three year old, when faced with the prospect of being in public with other kids, loves to run amok and go completely ape shit.  So what does this look like?  Running around, trying to play the guitar while the lady is playing said guitar, rifling through her bag of instruments and playing them then completely ignoring the many prompts from parents & other adults.  Let's be honest here, he was being a little shit!  I kept trying to get him involved with the different activities.  We were only there for 30 minutes and by the very end he was running and running and running and just wouldn't stop.  I finally caught him and carried him out to the van and drove him home.