Saturday, November 10, 2012


I have two boys who are both obsessive with their thoughts and actions.  Today I had the pleasure of my youngest continuously saying "Go ride camoose? Let's go!"  And this is asked over and over and over.  Sometimes he takes a breath between the same question, sometimes he changes it up by asking it just differently.  The boy is so obsessed with trains - he wants to buy them, play with them, watch them on YouTube, watch them on TV, ride one, etc.  In contrast, my oldest does all the same things except he's AFRAID of them and especially crossing railroad tracks.  It's kind of strange to me how I have two kids who like the same thing but it creates different reactions in them.

My oldest obsessively talked about Harry Potter.  He mainly just talked to himself about Harry Potter - this is a new quirk that has come about in recent months.  It's very concerning sometimes when he spends more time talking to himself then to us.  But I guess I can be grateful that he's talking.

I had a few moment today when both kids were loudly obsessing over each other and I thought I would lose my mind from it.  Sometimes the best part of the day is bedtime :)

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